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We know Melbourne and surrounding southern Central Victoria. We can work closely with businesses to clean up their commercial and industrial premises with minimal disruption.

Commercial Pressure Cleaning In Melbourne, and southern Central Victoria

When it comes to Melbourne Pressure Cleaning Pros service, good results are guaranteed!

Are you looking for professional pressure cleaning services for commercial buildings in Melbourne? You’re in the right place! Melbourne Pressure Cleaning Pros is the leading commercial pressure cleaning specialist in Melbourne.

We provide complete pressure cleaning services for commercial and industrial buildings, as well as NGOs and other facilities in Melbourne and nearby suburbs. We use the most advanced pressure cleaning technology and methods to revitalise concrete, tiled, and grouted surfaces.

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Why Choose Commercial Cleaning in Melbourne

Improved Street Appeal of Your Exterior

before pressure washing Richmond store graffitti and concrete floor

We know how important it is to keep your business looking its best, that’s why we do everything possible to make sure that your property looks like new. Our skilled pressure cleaners guarantee to use only non-toxic cleaning products that are safe for all people in your business premises.

Conserve Time and Money When Maintain Your Property

Making it a habit to do high pressure cleaning will help in reducing your Melbourne, and southern Central Victoria business cost ultimately by preventing you from overspending on maintenance and repairs. 

In what way? Your commercial building is a public space that receives a lot of traffic. This brings in contaminants such as dirt, dust, bird droppings, litter, and others.

These contaminants can cause damage to your building’s exterior over time. They can cause cracks and patches in walls, colour fade, paint peeling, and brick discolouration.

These can cause costly damage and will take a lot of spending to repair. The best solution is to hire a pressure washing company with a good reputation. This company should address these problems before they can wreak havoc to your building.

Help in Preventing Dangerous Falls and Slips

Slippery surfaces and moss growth can be very dangerous if you happen to experience slips and falls in the past. If that is not bad enough, slippery walkways can also be created by the elements outside.

Regular maintenance, luckily, can get rid of any mould, moss, or debris that could potentially create hazardous conditions for customers and passersby.

Professional pressure cleaning can keep these areas safe and clean by getting into the crevices and cracks to kill germs.

Increased Air Quality

If you want your customers satisfied by not inhaling the smoke inside your building, you should have it cleaned regularly with a pressure washer. This will clean walkways and parking lots of soot, grease, and other debris that could cause respiratory problems.

Regular pressure cleaning can also remove mould and mildew, which are known to cause breathing problems. Through this initiative, you can help improve the air quality around your business premises, and also extend the lives by improving the health of your customers as well as employees.

Effectively Protect Brickwork

Brickwork in commercial buildings is exposed to many elements and can become damaged over time. The care and cleanliness of brickwork can also affect their structural integrity.

It is important to hire professionals to maintain your brickwork’s tip-top shape.

Good contractors will clean your brickwork and any areas you want them to with low-pressure cleaners. These cleaners will get rid of construction debris and fix any problems that may potentially start a bigger issue later on. Your brickwork will continue to be in great shape for a long time.

Melbourne Pressure Cleaning Pros is the one of the leading commercial pressure cleaning companies in Melbourne, and southern Central Victoria. Our vast years of experience, coupled with the best equipment and attention to detail allow us to deliver outstanding results.

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Our Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Melbourne Pressure Cleaning Pros has been doing top-tier services within the southern Central Victoria regions. As proof, our clients are very happy with our services and have nothing but positive comments.

Whatever business you own or are managing, Melbourne Pressure Cleaning Pros offers the following cleaning services:

Prahran roof gutter cleaning in progress

Commercial Gutter Cleaning Melbourne

Tree leaves, twigs, or other debris can build up in your gutters and drains over time and cause serious damage to your building. Due to this, regular gutter cleaning by professionals is essential. We will not only thoroughly clean your gutters, but also ensure they work properly and efficiently.

Commercial Roof Cleaning Melbourne

Your roof can become leaky and can develop moss and algae, apart from collecting dirt and grime if it isn’t regularly pressure cleaned. This could lead to roof tiles and flashing damage. If left untreated for too long, bacteria or mould can cause severe health problems. We will clean your roof of any debris or brush to keep it in good condition. Our soft washing is a great way to protect your roof’s useful life.

Car Park Washing Melbourne

Armed with high pressure and hot water, our team will wash your car’s parking lot to eliminate stubborn oil stains, dirt, and chewing gum. They will surely leave your premises in pristine condition.

You can expect a lot of dirt and debris to accumulate on your entertainment area if you have tennis courts. These will make the surfaces slippery and create a danger for players. We will clean your tennis court thoroughly to restore its appearance and make it hazard-free.

Concrete Cleaning Melbourne

We use a specialised high-pressure cleaner and detergents that are guaranteed safe for the environment to get rid of dirt, grime, and grease from your concrete surfaces. This will not only make concrete look cleaner, but it also protects your property against damage from harsh weather conditions. Melbourne Pressure Cleaning Pros also utilises soft washing methods, together with hot water to protect concrete areas while cleaning is being done.

Graffiti Removal Melbourne

Are you fed up seeing graffiti on your walls? If you are, it is time for you to do something about them. Melbourne Pressure Cleaning Pros will be there to remove any graffiti on your walls without harming your paint using commercial equipment made specially for graffiti removal. We guarantee to use only graffiti removal products that are safe and can withstand the worst graffiti without causing harm to your walls.

Industrial Cleaning Melbourne

Melbourne Pressure Cleaning Pros provides industrial cleaning to property and business owners in southern Central Victoria. No matter if you need to clean concrete, grease stains or oil deposits either for your machinery or concrete, we can absolutely help. We are equipped with all the high-pressure cleaning equipment necessary to remove dirt, grime, oil deposits, and other contaminants from industrial sites without harming any parts and surfaces.

The following are some of the other commercial pressure cleaning services that we offer in Melbourne, and southern Central Victoria:

  • Shopping centres
  • Retail facilities
  • Service Station
  • School grounds
  • Churches
  • Public parks (concrete areas)
  • Courts (tennis, netball, basketball)
  • Childcare centres
  • Shade sails, umbrellas, awnings
  • Warehouses
  • Body corporate
  • Solar Panels
  • Industrial Equipment

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Our Commercial Pressure Washing Method

The following steps will ensure that you receive the best commercial pressure cleaning service.

Assessment and Pre-clean

Before we start working on a specific area, we do a thorough assessment to determine its size, condition, and potential contaminants that need to be eliminated. An initial estimate can often be made without the need for a physical inspection.

Windsor power washing roof gutter
before pressure cleaning house gutter

Pre- Treatment Application

To treat contaminated surfaces, our team of professionals use safe and effective detergents. Pre-cleaning helps to remove most of the contaminants, and it reduces the time and effort required.

Cleaning Time

High Pressure Cleaning: Our highly-trained technicians use commercial-grade equipment to eliminate contaminants on the surface. To reduce chemical contact with surfaces, we use both hot water and low pressure. We also make it a point not to rush in areas with intricate finishes.


Our technicians inspect all areas after the cleaning process is completed. This is to ensure that there is no dirt left.

Customer Satisfaction

Once the site is cleaned up to your satisfaction, we will notify you.|Our team will notify you when the entire site has been cleaned to your satisfaction.|We will notify you when all areas have been cleaned to your satisfaction.|After the site has been cleaned and inspected to your satisfaction, our team will inform you right away.}

Other pressure washing services we offer in the Melbourne and surrounds, include:

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Why hire Melbourne Pressure Cleaning Pros for Commercial Cleaning Melbourne


With more than 10 years of cleaning experience, Melbourne Pressure Cleaning Pros has extensive expertise in maintaining different types of buildings regardless of the cleaning methods required. You can trust us to do the job correctly the first time.

Before Vs After Pressure Cleaning Sunshine Shop Awning

High-Quality Work

Our promise is to do a great project and give you excellent results at all times. This is made possible by carefully selecting our employees and investing in the most up-to-date cleaning equipment and eco-friendly chemicals.

Customer Satisfaction

We are a customer-focused business. This is why every pressure washing job we undertake exceeds your expectations. We can arrange a time that is convenient for you. This will ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Fully Licensed and Insured Professionals

With more than 10 years of cleaning experience, Melbourne Pressure Cleaning Pros has extensive expertise in maintaining different types of buildings regardless of the cleaning methods required. You can trust us to do the job correctly the first time.

Affordable Price

We are more than just another Melbourne business. We are part and parcel of the community. Our drive cleaning services are affordable regardless of whether it’s one property or hundreds.

Modern Equipment

We make sure that we use only the best equipment for cleaning to achieve top-notch results and spare surfaces with sensitive finishes from any damages. Our equipment boasts of the most powerful industrial nozzle pressure cleaner which can reach speeds of 38 metres per second.

Areas We Cover:

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Person Using High Pressure Washing On Concrete Driveway